Pension Planning

Do you want to save €10 and get up to a further €4 back from the government? That is a pension summed up.

Company Directors and the self employed are you interested in taking out 1.5 times your salary on retirement, tax free?

Want to buy a property and sell it without having to pay tax on the gain OR the rental income?
This can all be done through a pension, contact us to learn more.

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Do you have a lump sum to invest?
Money sitting on Deposit in a Bank Account earning little to no interest?
Want to invest money in order to prepare for a life event like a wedding, Children’s college fund or buying a house?
Talk to us about your options.

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Life Assurance/Protection

What financial impact would your premature death have on your family? Would there be enough money to:

  • Pay for your funeral?
  • Cover everyday expenses?
  • Pay off outstanding loans and debt?
  • Pay for your children’s education?
  • Pay for an extended period of leave from work?

Protect your family against the financial impact of your premature death.

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Mortgage Protection

You must have a mortgage protection policy in order to purchase a residential property in Ireland. Most banks will offer you a Mortgage Protection policy once you have received Mortgage approval but if you shop around there are considerable savings to be made. Contact us today for a free quote.

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Cancer Cover

Believe it or not but Ireland currently had the 3rd highest rate of cancer per capita in the entire world. We are just behind Australia and New Zealand in that regard but their cancer rate is easily explained by their exposure to large doses of harmful UV rays due to the hole in the o-zone layer. In Ireland it is not so easy to explain why our rate is so high but Cancer has affected all people on this island either personally or through a friend or loved one. In fact, according to the Irish Cancer Society, by 2020 1-in-2 people in Ireland will suffer from cancer at some stage in their lifetime.

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