Do you have a Lump Sum to invest?

We all want our money to grow in value.

Investing a Lump Sum doesn’t need to seem daunting. At ACE Life & Pensions, we can help you go through all of your investment options before you make your investment decision. We are here to help you fully understand all of your investment options, so you can use your Lump Sum wisely. Whatever type of investor you are, we can help you choose the right investment strategy that can provide the peace of mind you are looking for.

Some of the investment options we offer here at ACE Life & Pensions include:

  • Ethical Investment Opportunities
  • Capital Protected Investments
  • Investment in Life Assurance Company funds
  • Investment in Commercial Property Funds

Don’t have your cash sitting idle in a Bank deposit account earning little to no return, contact us today by leaving a message for our team, using the below form.