What financial impact would your premature death have on your family? Would there be enough money to:

  • Pay for your funeral?
  • Cover everyday expenses?
  • Pay off outstanding loans and debt?
  • Pay for your children’s education?
  • Pay for an extended period of leave from work?

Protect your family against the financial impact of your premature death.

Speak to ACE Life & Pensions today about arranging a Life Cover plan that would cover more than just your mortgage and that would protect your family’s future.

Specified Serious Illness Cover

Specified Serious Illness Cover provides a lump sum payment on the diagnosis and certification of a prescribed serious illness. The main claims for Specified Serious Illness are for Cancer, Stroke and Heart attack but as well as these they cover many other illnesses such as Heart surgery, Multiple Sclerosis and Kidney failure.

The chances of suffering a Serious Illness at a young age are higher than you may think.

Don’t leave this to chance – take the 1st step to protect you and your family today and contact us today by leaving a message for our team, using the below form.